Congratulations, you are getting a free Tong Ren healing mp3! (Find out more about Tong Ren, and read the FAQ about Tong Ren mp3s.)


This particular mp3 will help you get re-acquainted with that feeling of relaxation, calm, and bliss you have been missing out on. Download and play this digital file when, and as often as you and your body choose! How’s that for ease and convenience?

Everybody in your household can benefit from this healing Tong Ren mp3, including children and pets! This is not “just” a meditation. You actually receive Tong Ren healing energy when you play this mp3!


Go to the Relaxation & Bliss mp3 page to download your free gift. Right below the price and just above the 2 purple buttons, there is a coupon code field, enter “OCT_GVAWAY” (without the quotation marks) into this code field, and click the gray “Apply” button.

You will see the $15 price being crossed out, substituted by the word “Free.”

Next, click the purple “Get it now” button. This will take you through the checkout process. You will have to enter your name and address, but it will be free.

Download it and use it just as any other mp3!

Let me know if you like it! [P.S. Please do share the giveaway information, but do not share the mp3 with others, it is my gift to YOU for your family’s and your personal use and enjoyment!]

THIS OFFER IS GOOD OCTOBER 12 TO OCTOBER 31, 2015. It is valid in all of the Americas, plus Liechtenstein, Monaco, Switzerland, the Holy See, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Israel, Turkey, South Africa, Australia, and Oceania. Sorry, not available in other countries.