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At a healing class in Quincy, many patients tap into hope

A fantastic Boston Globe article about Tong Ren [You don’t have to subscribe to read it, in spite of the somewhat confusing message you might get]

Treating Cancer with Tong Ren Therapy

      A fascinating article in Natural Awakenings about Tong Ren.

A Little More Ease Please – Clearings to Create Money

      A truly useful YouTube video to help you create money.

Did you know you were not born with a point of view about money?

      An enlightening blog post about money.

What money would say if it could talk

More money advice from Access Consciousness.

Your story about money

      Another profound blog post about money.

Health benefits of Access Bars for the body and mind

What can the Bars do for your body and mind?

The Bars

Introductory video.

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A web site just for the Bars!