My home office is located in Raleigh, NC 27613, off of Westgate Road.

Don’t live in the Raleigh, NC area? Many of the therapies I practice lend themselves extremely well to long-distance work. I offer phone  / Skype / FaceTime sessions, and have worked and played with people and pets as far as France, Canada, and Mexico, not to mention other states such as New York State, Massachusetts, Maryland, Arizona, and Maine  (all from my office in North Carolina!) Set up an appointment with me and you can pay online with venmo, at Jewels of Light Healing’s Gift certificates and remote sessions store (US,) or with PayPal (international.)

Free 15-minute demo$0

If you are not sure yet that we would be a good fit, we can schedule a 15-minute demo, plus time to get acquainted with each other and ask questions.

— Contact me to schedule an appointment!

Private 90-minute session$150 

Private sessions can be done in person or remotely. Each session is tailored to your needs. Therapies and techniques used might include —but are not limited to— sounds, breaths, visualizations, Tong Ren, Reiki: The Polarity Way, the Energetic Facelift™, Access Bars®, verbal processes, tuning forks, and Light Language.

— Contact me to schedule an appointment!