“To try and explain the change I’ve undergone since Sophie began her work and teachings with me is challenging in that words do not begin to equate the shift that has occurred in my perspective and sense of being.  Family and friends from all over the country visit me and without fail one of the only things they ask to do during their time in Raleigh is have Sophie work on them.  Of the many wonders life has presented me, knowing and working with Sophie would be put at the top of my list in this ten seconds.  Thank you for everything Sophie!!!” — A.G., North Carolina

“I feel delicious…” and “Thank you Sophie! For everything. I feel 30 lbs lighter!” —Feedback from C.T., North Carolina, after different sessions

“I feel much lighter since the treatment. These clearing statements and the tune up are just what I need. Thank you again for sharing your beautiful luminous energy with me. Much love and many big smiles xoxo” — M.R., North Carolina

“Once you start asking these questions, it’s amazing how things change.” — M.I., Texas

“Thank you so very much. I have already seen major results from the questions and the clearing statement. It is so overwhelming that I am truly unable to put words to the joyful, wonderful feelings.” — T.C.B., Arizona

“I am grateful for all that you have taught me, Sophie. You are my inspiration for life, thank you!” — A.R., New York

“Sophie, you are kind of a spiritual chiropractor :-)” and “I feel like Jell-O” and “Thanks Sophie, my body feels more restored.” — Feedback from M.I., North Carolina, after different sessions

“Dear Sophie,
Just sending a note of gratitude to/for you and Bisi [the cat.] I am so thankful for the wonderful work that we have done together. I have been up leveled in so many ways through spending time with you and exploring the amazing world of energy. I am thankful for the mighty stream of Reiki which flows through me and thankful that you make that possible in such a gentle yet dynamic way. I look forward to more adventures.” —S.H., North Carolina [a long-time student who has received many sessions and taken several different classes from me]

“I couldn’t find the edges of me anymore… I feel lighter, brighter, and taller… My eyes feel open in a way they’ve never felt open before.” — P.B., North Carolina

“Thank you so much for yesterday! I was very depressed [yesterday, before my Bars session] and I feel full of hope today. You are magical! Thank u thank u THANK YOU!” — M.F., North Carolina

“Do not go away, I will be back.” — D.D., North Carolina

“Hi Sophie, I just wanted to tell you I laughed so much on my way home and when I stopped at the store… I couldn’t help myself, I just had the giggles! Thank you so much for the healing and the tools. I feel so much better. It’s amazing that I can feel this at peace after how I’ve felt recently. Thank you.” — W.H., California

About Sophie’s Bars classes

“Thank you so much for the class yesterday. It was amazing! I loved the people, I loved the energy and you are completely outstanding! I hope to get to connect with you again soon! Many blessings to you.”  — K.R., South Carolina

This modality has helped and healed so much in my life and is still working on/for me… I have been doing exchanges with my classmates since I started ‘bars.’ Sophie Dangtran is an excellent instructor. Her calm and allowance bring you to the way you learn best and builds upon that gently and with unconditional love. Try it! At worst you’ll have a great day, meet new people, and receive 2 sessions [and you’ll be gifting 2 sessions also, for a total of 4!]” — M.F., North Carolina

“My Bars sessions improved for my clients after taking my second class with you. Your instruction and wonderful example helped me learn how to serve my clients better. Thanks…” — M.C., North Carolina

“Just fantastic as always!”  — L.G., North Carolina

“Thanks for the wonderful BARS class, Sophie! It and you are totally AWESOME!!!! Looking forward to more classes with you in the near future…”— E.N., North Carolina

Hi All! I am writing to say what a fabulous workshop we had last Saturday!  Thank you Sophie for your fine and excellent facilitation!  I continue to learn more about this and am loving it! It was a joyous experience for me to meet all of you, things continue to shift in the most subtle yet dramatic ways for me.  I have made some decisions about things I need to do for myself (without the drama and gnashing of teeth that can often accompany such decisions :))!  I am really grateful.” — B.J., North Carolina

” Love you so much Sophie! What an example you are. What a blessing and teacher you are. We can all learn from you… What you do, your life…you have no idea how it affects others. Thank you.” — A.C., North Carolina [a long-time student who has taken many different classes from me]