“Dear Sophie,
Just sending a note of gratitude to/for you and Bisi [the cat.] I am so thankful for the wonderful work that we have done together. I have been up leveled in so many ways through spending time with you and exploring the amazing world of energy. I am thankful for the mighty stream of Reiki which flows through me and thankful that you make that possible in such a gentle yet dynamic way. I look forward to more adventures.” —S.H., North Carolina [a long-time student who has received many sessions and taken several different classes from me]

“My Dearest Sophie,
As you know, I have been exposed to Reiki in the past, and treatments have always been pleasant and somewhat helpful. However, since being treated by you, I have become a believer! Your energy was felt in my total being — body, mind, and spirit. Not only was my injury significantly improved, but I felt relaxed, unstressed, happy and radiant! You have a great gift. Bless you for sharing it through Reiki.” — M.E. Kuehn, Florida

“Sophie introduced me to the world of Reiki. She absorbed the tension in me with her incredible gentleness, leaving me feeling completely relaxed, and yet at the same time highly alive on a sensory level. I saw a beautiful display of flashing colors in my mind, it was exhilarating. Sophie made me feel that she would cradle me with her love.” — L.A.P., California

“Sophie’s words and actions are filled with kindness, wisdom and love. When I leave I feel uplifted, calm and more grounded.” — Ellen C., North Carolina

“Sophie has the amazing capacity to be fully present and focused on you during her sessions, creating a wonderful sense of caring that envelops your being while receiving great love. She brings a soft, gentle, and compassionate feel to her work. Sophie’s genuine care reflects her sweet and loving spirit.” — L. Franklin, North Carolina

“Sophie brings a serenity to her work that is communicated through her voice, her hands, her energy and her physical being. You will find yourself ‘touched’ in more ways than one when in her healing presence.” — K. Buchanan, North Carolina

About Sophie’s Reiki classes

“Did you ever wish you were a world renowned writer who was able to paint a picture with words to express your innermost feelings? That’s what I want right now to offer what it feels like to be mentored by Master Sophie Dangtran. Becoming a part of Sophie’s world is to find the joy of acceptance and knowledge. Her world is a peaceful, tranquil space in which to experience Reiki and all its healing and opportunities for growth. Sophie is a very wise soul dedicated to her practice and lovingly shares her wisdom with her students. She is always there for you when you need her throughout life’s triumphs, joys and pain showing the way to a new path. Sophie generously offers her blessings, always asking “What else is possible” and “How can it get better than this?” She dreams for you and for the world, making it better every day. If you are privileged to become her student, you will find more than just a new world of Reiki healing and energy, but a world where your spirit thrives with joy, knowledge and infinite possibilities.” — Mary T., South Carolina

“How Reiki has changed my life so far: I have experienced miracles, divine energy, and the touch of angels. I feel energy flow in and out of me that I never knew existed. I feel a connection with others on a deeper level, as if we are all reflections of each other… I am better able to let go of things that would have angered me before, and to accept my anger when it comes up… The need to control things seems to be less and less important to me. I am learning to listen. I see the changes Reiki brings to others… Reiki helps me to relax and to sleep, and can take pain away, and it allows me to help family and friends to feel better. It’s wonderful to do Reiki or send Reiki to people and their pain goes away. Their faces look younger and happier… Our family is happier together and our relationships improve. I am learning to say what I feel and speak my truth even when it is difficult…” — Karen M. of North Carolina wrote the above on the eve of her becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher

“Dear Sophie, I want to thank you again very much for the great Reiki II class last weekend. Your way of teaching is so wise and kind, and I appreciate how much you care about the healing and success of your students. I feel fortunate to have connected with you and look forward to continuing our connection. With love and appreciation,” — K.L., North Carolina

“Best class EVER!!! Thank you for a very fulfilling week!! It was truly an inspired week! Still is!… Sophie, thank you for providing such a deep and meaningful experience. The world is so much better with you in it!” — S.H., North Carolina