“HOLY GUACAMOLE! I have to give a huge shout out to Sophie Dangtran of Jewels of Light Healing. She does an energetic face lift. I wouldn’t have believed it unless I did it. She places her hands on your face and that is it. No pulling, manipulating, etc. All through energy! I couldn’t believe how I felt afterwards. I was walking around holding my face because I couldn’t believe it. It felt like it was lifted. If you’re looking for an alternative way to turn back time, check her out. I can only imagine what a series of these would do! Photos below!”  — J.S.C., North Carolina

Look and feel younger with the Energetic Facelift

About Sophie’s Energetic Facelift classes

“I just feel fantastic and free! I love your energy and authenticity. You always helps me be more me. Love you!!” — L.G., North Carolina

“The Energetic Face Lift Class was awesome!! It makes me happy just to think about it!!” — S.H., North Carolina