What a beautifully warm, softly lit healing experience. I got the giggles when I realized I was doing a lot of toe stretches. My mind is much more peaceful. I am going to roll over and nap a bit. Thank you for your caring loving healing heart.” — E.T., North Carolina (after a long-distance Tong Ren session)    

“I feel renewed!” — P.O., North Carolina (after a Tui Na session)

“To try and explain the change I’ve undergone since Sophie began her work and teachings with me is challenging in that words do not begin to equate the shift that has occurred in my perspective and sense of being.  Family and friends from all over the country visit me and without fail one of the only things they ask to do during their time in Raleigh is have Sophie work on them.  Of the many wonders life has presented me, knowing and working with Sophie would be put at the top of my list in this ten seconds.  Thank you for everything Sophie!!!” — A.G., North Carolina

“I feel so much better!” (at the end of a Tong Ren group healing.) “And I still feel peaceful more than a week later!” (10 days after the group healing) — R.C., North Carolina

“Thanks so much for the session yesterday, very powerful.” — C.L., North Carolina

“Thanks Sophie! My body loved the Tong Ren session (my mind is still not supplying the right words), I was out for a while, which is strange, because my mind is usually hyper all the time. I feel all my body, I particularly feel my arms. Funny. Oh and I can breathe calmer… It was wonderful!” — Y.A., Mexico (after a long-distance 10-minute Tong Ren demo)

“Thank you so much. You have been so wonderful. Back to eye dr. today. Looks good. Dr said mildest case [of shingles, below the eyes] he ever saw.” — H.E., North Carolina

“Thanks so much for the beautiful Tong Ren work and for including me in the group. There is significantly less swelling and pain in my neck. I noticed that about 3 hours after. It is very sore but much improved. There was improvement in my lower back, too.” — S.H., North Carolina

“Ginger [a dog] has been less anxious. She used to love to be out on the porch, but lately wouldn’t settle down out there, would come in and pace around, not knowing where she wanted to be. The past two nights she has relaxed on the porch… I have had a shift and woke up happy yesterday… The shift is that I don’t have to suffer and be so stressed to be loving and present to my mom in her experience. It is OK to feel joy and sadness at the same time. Tears are flowing quite freely too, and able to let the emotion pass through. ” — K.H., North Carolina

“I really appreciated ALL the Tong Ren I believe it really helped the night before the surgery to allow me to get some rest, and helped keep the pain down the night after as the healing began.” — E.T., North Carolina (after 2 long-distance Tong Ren sessions)

“Hello Sophie, thank you very much for allowing me to try Tong Ren.  I really appreciated it. Slept all night without a break for the first time in a very long time. My right leg does not hurt as much as usual. Again, thanks so much and I’m so happy to connect with you again.” — E.C., North Carolina

“Your sessions are so relaxing and therapeutic. Thank you! ” — C.W., Virginia

“After the last session… I slept through the night for almost 2 weeks. It was amazing and wonderful…” — E.C., North Carolina

“THANK YOU SOOOOOO much for that session dear Sophie. I can’t wait for all the up-coming possibilities.” — J.C., New York

About Sophie’s Tong Ren healing mp3s

“I listen to your mp3s all the time! I rely on them so much! 5 stars in my book.{Digestive System Health, Muscles & Joints Health, Eyes Health}

“Our cat Kiki enjoys the Tong Ren tune up, she sits in front of the computer and purrs when I play it, and stays for the whole tune up!{Yummy Overall Tune-Up}

Yeah I’ve been listening to it every night, and if I wake up after midnight I put it on again! I love it, I’m not sure if it is because I am almost asleep that I feel it in different parts of my body, mostly in my stomach and upper back, it’s very soothing!” {Yummy Overall Tune-Up}

So relaxing… It really helps me sleep!” {Yummy Overall Tune-Up}

“I have really enjoyed the MP3 download for relaxation and bliss. It’s very effective!” {Relaxation & Bliss}

I injured myself yesterday, so I played this mp3 last night. I feel so much better today, I was able to dance!” {Muscles & Joints Health}

“The pain in my arthritic knee went from a 10 to a 3 in 3 weeks.” [Feedback from a 91-year-old woman] {Muscles & Joints Health}

“I went to the eye doctor yesterday, and my eyesight has improved! My dog [who had corneal ulcers] is doing much better too.{Eyes Health}

“My eyes went from 20/25 to 20/20.” {Eyes Health}

About Sophie’s Tong Ren classes

“Thank you for passing your knowledge to us. I had a great time. Thanks for your hospitality!“— M.C., North Carolina

“Dear Sophie, Just wanted to say thank you again for a truly inspiring day.  The pace of the workshop was good because you allowed time for breaks and discussion even though we went over the scheduled time. I much prefer that. The workbook is a real gift and was unexpected. You generously even provided us with snacks! I can’t wait to do more with Tong Ren.“— B.K., North Carolina

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