Tong Ren is an amazingly effective holistic energy healing therapy.

It can help you regain your health and vitality by removing blockages from, and adding more balance to, your body and your field, so you can feel (and look) younger, enjoy more well-being, and get more out of life!

The first time I experienced Tong Ren, I was in my house in Raleigh, and the practitioner was in Boston. As soon as she started tapping for me, I burst into tears. I had been on my healing journey for over 10 years, so this emotional and spiritual release was completely unexpected — and that’s how I first realized the power of Tong Ren!

Since then I have gone on to use this technique to help many of my clients with a wide variety of dis-orders.

Tong Ren can alleviate hundreds of conditions, from physical limitations — such as diabetes, thyroid problems, cancer, food sensitivities, chemo side effects, radiation side effects, and migraines to name a few — to mental/emotional concerns — such as anxiety, depression, stress, …etc. It can also be used to improve your overall well-being, even if you are not experiencing any health problems. Not sure if it covers your condition? Just ask!

A Chinese American acupuncturist named Tom Tam created Tong Ren over 25 years ago — no needles are used though! This modality is now available in at least 30 US states and more than 15 other countries.

Tong Ren is based on the principle that disease is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body’s natural flow of chi, neural bioelectricity, blood, or hormones. Tong Ren Therapy utilizes the concept of the collective unconsciousness to remove these blockages, restoring the body’s natural ability to heal itself, even when illnesses are chronic, debilitating, or otherwise untreatable.

Tong Ren combines western knowledge of anatomy and physiology with the ancient principle of ‘chi,’ or life force energy, to create what many consider to be a powerful new healing modality.

Tong Ren is often practiced as distance healing.


In a typical therapy session, the Tong Ren practitioner uses a small human anatomical model as an energetic representation of you, tapping on targeted points on the model with a lightweight magnetic hammer. The practitioner directs chi to blockage points corresponding to your condition(s), breaking down resistance at these points. As blood flow, neural transmission, and hormone reception are restored, your body is then able to heal.

Tong Ren can be practiced as distance healing, so you can be helped even if there is no practitioner near you! I definitely offer remote sessions and have worked with people and pets as far as Canada, France, and Mexico, not to mention other states such as New York State, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Maine (all from my office in North Carolina!)


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