Continuing the tradition begun in Boston, MA, where Tong Ren started over 25 years ago, I am now offering Tong Ren group healing sessions in Raleigh, NC. All I ask is a contribution of $10 each time you come, to cover overhead expenses. You can, of course, contribute more if you so choose 🙂

During these Tong Ren group healing sessions, all you have to do is sit, relax, and receive the energy. I do the work. Group healings are not as in-depth as private sessions, AND they are still amazing!


Unless otherwise specified, all of these sessions take place at Jewels of Light Healing’s home office, off of Westgate Rd. in Raleigh, NC 27613. You have to be there in person, or send a proxy (someone to represent you — this person doesn’t have to do anything but be present.) You can also attend remotely if you are not in the Raleigh area.


Please register for each group healing session AT LEAST ONE DAY BEFORE the event, by sending me an email.

State in your email up to 3 conditions or targets you would like me to support you with.

  • Example 1: depression and breast cancer.
  • Example 2: diabetes, low energy, and sinusitis.
  • Example 3: kidney stones, tense neck & shoulders, and would like to enhance immune system.

During each of these sessions, I will be tapping on an acupuncture doll at the acupuncture points that are beneficial for clearing the conditions you have chosen to work on. I will be doing this for everyone in attendance and everyone who sent a representative. You will benefit from ALL of the tapping, as the healing goes out to all those who are present, and not just to the requester.

Please note that you must be able to be in a house with a cat for an hour. Send a representative if you currently have cat allergies. (P.S. Just because you are allergic to cats/dogs/whatever now doesn’t mean you have to stay allergic to them forever!)

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